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Allianz China General Insurance Company Ltd. (AZCN), was previously a wholly foreign-funded subsidiary insurance company solely owned by Allianz SE with headquarters located in Guangzhou. Before inauguration in 2010, it was a branch office of Allianz Group in China, providing property and casualty products and services.

In July 2018, Allianz China General Insurance Company received approval from the China Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission (CBIRC) on the new shareholding structure and capital increase. In October the same year, the company was approved to rebrand the existing company name to ‘Allianz Jingdong General Insurance Company Ltd’. The name changing process is still in progress at the moment.

AZCN offers a wide range of insurance services including auto, property, liability, marine, engineering, and domestic credit insurance, as well as short-term health insurance and accident insurance for individual and corporate clients. In the past years AZCN has achieved steady growth.

It now has three branches based in Shanghai, Guangzhou and Beijing, and sales service office in Shenzhen.

In August 2015, AZCN launched its e-commerce platform, Allianz 360, marching a step forward in its digitalization efforts. In addition, it enables customers to check their policies and the process of claims application through Wechat. By adopting new technology AZCN aims to improve the customer experience.

With its strong business performance, AZCN receives recognition from market and government authority. It was awarded "Insurance Product of the Year 2015 & 2016" and was elected as one of the "China Internet Finance Top 30 Brands" in 2013, and won the Best Innovative Insurance Product Award in the same year.


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